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"Indulgence You Can Count On!"
After 30 years of successful weight loss,
Michelle's new pamphlet will be available soon at www.count2indulge.com

Welcome to Do It! or DIET® Online!

~ What is Do It! or DIET?

The guaranteed SIMPLEST Method for Weight Management that applies to all Lifestyles and Ages.  Created by Michelle Present, a leading South Florida weight coach, author, musician and dancer.

The Do It! or Diet® method is a perfect tool to help you maintain your ideal weight without worrying about overeating or giving up favorite foods. To learn more about how it works please click here

Michelle Present offers the Do It! or Diet® Workbook to guide you in your journey to your perfect weight. Her philosophy for losing weight can be fun, delicious, and healthy. Guided by these principles, Michelle has created a proven method that will empower you to remove the fear, boredom, and yo-yo effects that are associated with typical dieting programs on the market today. Her passion and love for creative expression and simple methods of clearing and strengthening our mind are also taught in her workshops!

Do It! or Diet® Clients!
Check out our latest testimonials including a video from
2010 Grammy Award winner David Darling, founder and
teacher of Music for People!!!

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