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South Florida Sun Times Nov. 2002-Continued..
"Dancer loses 500 pounds?".....I now eat the most delicious foods and am free to choose! Indulgent without the ridiculous guilt, while staying thin." "I literally would gain weight... take it off with this diet or that fad... deprive myself of 'normal food' and after losing 15 or 20 pounds... it would take less time than you can say "pirouette", and I'd gain it back. I think I've tried every weight loss program out there before I stumbled on the secret to success in dieting," Michelle Present explained.

"The key was Positive Weight Management along with some simple math... like two and two is four!"
Seeking a resolve for her yo-yo weightloss /weight gain/weight loss/weight gain... Michelle devoted more than twenty years teaching her Positive Weight Management theories... while still dancing... and writing about her conclusions... having taken off the weight and kept it off!" You'd think writing a book was the real hard part of the equation," Michelle said. "Writing it was excruciating... as I would write and then rewrite and then try to make it even simpler. Don't get me wrong, writing a book is a Herculean task no matter what the subject matter. But getting it published and promoted... That's the really tough part!" Tough or not, when she came up against blank walls in finding the right publisher or Literary Agent, a must in these times when book publishers are afraid to accept unsolicited manuscripts, Michelle published it herself.

Not only that, she's translated it into Spanish, "¡No Mas Dietas!" ... "No More Diets!"; sells the book over the web, has her own website and has even added a CD ROM in English or Spanish to help with the maintenance program. Michelle also does workshops in dance studios, condominiums and at special fundraising and corporate events around South Florida.

Why is DO IT! or DIET® so DIFFERENT? "Maintenance... is the key," Michelle said. "Why bother losing, if you are going to regain it!" Michelle went on to say that people don't have to deprive themselves of their favorite foods and her program is easy enough and realistic to work. "It really does work. You lose about 10 pounds a month and learn to maintain it... no more yo-yoing!!!" the diet guru promises.

Linda Villella/Administrator of the Miami City Ballet School remarked that "Do It! Or DIET® teaches how to lose weight sensibly and keep it off-without the crazy fads." Michelle has 'a ton' of similar testimonials. Michelle supported herself over the years when she pursued her love of dance almost exclusively, by typing and working in printing and photocopy businesses. So, she took her combined skills and has created a professional looking book that has the secret to her 'DO IT!... OR DIET®' concept. Now Michelle is supporting herself doing the thing she loves... teaching people how to use her simple DO IT! or DIET® program.