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~ Special Needs ~

This afternoon was the last day Michelle Present saw her brother Scott before he passed away on March 1, 2010. She was doing what she always did with them... enjoy dance and music. But today, she had the video camera on...? Her brother Scott and his dear friend Mark are beautiful down-syndrome adults with soooooo much love and laughter. Scott was also autistic and non-verbal, making music and dance the perfect form of communication for her and her bro! I left my curse word in at the beginning... for the viewer to see THEIR consciousness. Here they are dancing...

and here they are singing and playing music...
just delightful!

Here's a wonderful singing and dancing solo by Michelle Present's
brother Scott, whom she called unusually gifted... a non-verbal autistic
and down syndrome adult, full of unconditional love and laughter! He
died recently on March 1, 2010 very peacefully. She would like to celebrate
and introduce you to a very “Special World” that many of us do not
get to experience or understand.