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Dr. Roxana McSherry, Ph.D, Holistic Nutritionist

This is an exciting and important book of our time. It focuses on the basics of losing weight within real life situations. Through desperation and failure with traditional methods of losing weight, Michelle Present's goal became clear and logical . . . making counting food simple. As a Dietician and a Doctor of Holistic Nutrition, I see her system "Do It! or Diet
®" as a great tool to help change habits consciously and unconsciously. I congratulate her!

"Low Carb vs. Calories!" by Norene Bini
, who passed away in 2007, a beautiful woman.
"I think your book is very well-written. Calorie counting always seemed too difficult for me, but your method made it so easy. I had been following the low-carb routine for 2 years, and while it kept my weight in check, I was very bored with it and really feeling deprived. Plus, I could tell I had profound hungers, not just cravings, for high carb food. I was getting very stressed trying to be true to this type of diet. The first thing I noticed is how relieved and happy I feel to be eating normally once again; it's like a whole new world. I'm having such fun."

Hayward Fox, Ph.D.
Clinical Psychologist-Tucson, Arizona

"When fully informed, nothing needs to be off our diets. By teaching Michelle Present's principles, "Do It! or DIET
®" provides information that allows personal choice, and useful guidelines that enable self control. With choice and control, we can reclaim our freedom to eat the tastes we desire and weigh what we want."

Christina DiMartino
Author, Editor

"If diets worked, we'd all be thin! They don't, which is why Michelle's system does! It's not a diet - it's an easy to follow lifestyle plan!"

Linda Villella
Adm. Miami City Ballet School

This teaches how to lose weight sensibly & keep it off- without the crazy fads!"
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