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~ Press ~

Sun Sentinel / April 2004
"Losers Celebrate"
The participants come away with the peace and knowledge that they can actually have a dream and reach their goal without deprivation. It prepares them to handle vacations, restaurants, holidays and real delicious food.

South Florida Sun Times /Nov. 2002
"Dancer loses 500 pounds?"
Over the years as a dancer she gained and lost more than 500 pounds!"
Why is DO IT! or DIET® so DIFFERENT?? "Maintenance... is the key," Michelle said. "Why bother losing, if you are going to regain it" Click for the rest of article

Diario de las Americas / Dec. 1999

"Do It! or DIET" author Michelle Present Translates Book. Her formula is simple.
Now she is "on a mission" to bring her simple TRUTH to everyone who is tired of disappointment from the DIET INDUSTRY's empty promises and large profits while she lives life to the fullest.

Dancer /April 1998
"So just who is this Michelle Present anyway?"... asks a reporter at Dancer Magazine. "She's a dancer who thought that rehearsing an average of six hours per day would finally help her control her weight, but unfortunately physical activity was insufficient" She's now a size 3 and says that I now eat the most delicious foods and am free to choose! Indulgent without the ridiculous guilt, while staying thin."

East Sider / Dec. 1997, Kevin Lane
"This book is not another long, boring diet book! It is surprisingly fun, short and the writing style is truly fresh and different - and it works!"....