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~ Music and Dance Improvisation ~

Enjoy some videos of music/dance improvisations.
Creative expression can be a great healing therapy.
Everyone loves it!

Here's a wonderful 5 min link to explain who Music for People is... mfp (to me...My Favorite Peeps)DO NOT MISS THIS!!!!!!!


On Oct. 15th, I graduated from www.musicforpeople.org.
Besides all the fabulous music and improvisational tools and gifts I received, singing and playing piano was one of my goals. It was just impossible, at first! Well, here's my first song! I truly had a blast! I am so deeply thankful to David Darling, all my friends and my NEW family for all their wisdom, love and heavenly "musicking" times together! Enjoy Below!
Did you hear of Oprah’s Contest on Own Network TV?
Watch Michelle's 3 minute video by clicking her picture above. Her submission
entitled “A Buffet for Mind, Body and Spirit that Satisfies your Every Hunger!” was not selected, however she is seeking a TV station locally in South Florida...

February 2011--- "Space Bass" (Music/Video) I wanted to attempt to make a music-video by myself...So, I took an improvised duet with me singing on Piano and Adam Bernstein on Bass. Then, self-videoed it while doing dance improvisation and later learned editing. Wow!
What fun and a challenge!

February 2011---"Love Sweet Love" (Music/Video) My dearest and
most talented friendMichele Iemolo improvising to a music
improvisation to me singing with great musician friends
Jonathan Best and Patrick Whitehead. Videoed and editing by MP also.

Michele Iemolo is a movement therapist extraordinaire who has created URI,
Uni-Verse-Soul, Rythmic Intelligence(URI) an expressive healing arts
system; a way of seeing and being in the world; a movement, music and meditation practice to achieve optimum health; an alternative approach to treating, educating and interacting with children and special need populations such as autism and related disabilities. www.uri-1.com

Videos of my "special"
down syndrome &
autistic buddies...
click here
Videos sharing
& teaching mindful practices...
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June 30, 2010---Music for People Workshop in PA
Michelle Present, conducting a musical improvisation with leaders
and graduates of a "Music for People" workshop in PA in June 2010.
Here she was leading them with dance and hand signals... having a blast!

David Darling's Benefit Concert Honoring the Memory of Sister Jean Anthony
on June 30, 2010. This quartet improvised (left to right) by Paul Butler, Mary Knysh, Ron Kravitz, and Frances Miller and was so, so magical. Their listening skills were so obviously demonstrated along with their mastering of their instruments.

June 30, 2010---Music for People Workshop in PA
Michelle Present, with her 3 friends Sarah, Ted and Eli in
a musical improvisation getting into a "groove"

June 30, 2010---Music for People Workshop in PA
Sarah Assamagan doing
a dynamic music improvisation solo "I'm so
Glad You're Walkin' with Me!". Gravitating and very heartfelt by all!

June 30, 2010---Music for People Workshop in PA
Young Julien Nelson from Quebec, demonstrating his playful and unique
music solo with a huge balloon
. We all love and learn from his spirited energy.
Ron Kravitz and Lynn Miller were the wonderful facilitators.

June 30, 2010---Music for People Workshop in PA
A delightful music improvisation by Ange Chianese in Pennsylvania at the
Music for People workshop in June 2010. Ange is also well known for
his singing telegrams and comedy acts in New Jersey and NYC.

July 1, 2010---Here's a little piano lesson Michelle Present gave her friend
from Music for People. I was demonstrating the X factor using a
combination of black keys and white keys simultaneously creating
an easy avant garde type style. We combined it with rhythm and passion....
and voila... great fun! She was sooooo ready!!!