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~ How It Works ~

Do It! or DIET® has been reviewed and is supervised by
a Florida Licensed Nutritionist.

Moderation not Deprivation
is the Do it! or DIET® motto. It is a weight control system you can live with. Nothing is taboo - alcohol, carbohydrates, proteins, fats, sugars, and even desserts - are all available to you, thereby not tempting you to binge and cause you to put weight back on that "DIETS" tend to do.

With Do It! or DIET®, you can learn to:

§ Count Calories easily by sight
§ Eat whatever you like, as long as you count it
§ Exercise or not
§ Eat at any hour of the day or night
§ Drink Socially and
§ Have dessert too!!!

We take weight off for one reason, and one reason only. We lower our calories, and/or increase our exercise. Without the knowledge of how to maintain and the feeling of being deprived, too often the weight comes back. With Do It! or DIET® , we empower you to learn your body's true caloric limitations. This information shows you how much to eat to maintain or lose weight. This type of knowledge is real power for long term weight maintenance. It doesn't require any special foods, pills or powders whatsoever.

Some of the most physically active and health conscious people are not at their goal weight, because despite regular exercise and healthy eating, they do not realize how many calories they are taking in compared to what they are burning. Generally, we keep guessing and all the while our portions in restaurants and at home keep getting bigger and larger, and so do we. With Do It! or DIET® there is no guessing.

Is it healthy? Certainly. Do It! or DIET® is based on recommendations of the American Heart Association : 20% protein, 50% carbs, and 30% fat.
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When celebrations come around, don't forget that a gift of "Do It! or DIET®" to someone you love, can make a dramatic change in their lives...A change they will always treasure. ORDER ONLINE