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Q - Are you curious why you don't see current workshops and testimonials here?
A - Michelle's newest pamphlet/ videos / workshops are coming out in summer of 2015! Thank you for your patience..

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On Oct. 15th, I graduated from www.musicforpeople.org.
Besides all the fabulous music and improvisational tools and gifts I received, singing and playing piano was one of my goals. It was just impossible, at first! Well, here's my first song! I truly had a blast! I am so deeply thankful to David Darling, all my friends and my NEW family for all their wisdom, love and heavenly "musicking" times together! Enjoy!

Did you hear of Oprah’s Contest on Own Network TV?
Watch Michelle's 3 minute video by clicking her picture above. Her submission
entitled “A Buffet for Mind, Body and Spirit that Satisfies your Every Hunger!” was not selected, however she is seeking a TV station locally in South Florida...