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"Like many of us, weight control was always a topic of frustration and depression for me, despite my career as a professional dancer. During the late 70's a wonderful dance company, L'acadco asked me to join their troupe. Training involved an average of 6 hours of rehearsal daily, but even this amount of physical activity
didn't help me control my weight. Regardless of the diet or program I tried, I was unable to control my weight.

While contemplating my dilemma, I realized even if I were able to develop the willpower to control my eating, it would be a matter of time before I weakened --and splurged again. Lost weight would always return, usually with more pounds than before. I needed a method, not a diet, but a sensible program I could live with permanently. One where, if I splurged, I could free myself of the guilt and merely carry-over to the next day, without blowing my goal. Allowing for splurges meant real and satisfying foods, not artificially sweetened or fat-free foods. I realized accounting was the only way to succeed, but so complicated!

I realized calorie counting was the only way to succeed, but so complicated, and I'm so lazy in these matters. Then I came up with an idea; simplify and approximate as many foods as I ate, which is everything, but use only 4 numbers! My goal was to lose about two pounds a week, and not to gain it back! It worked! I quickly began losing weight. When I began my self-created program, I weighed 155 pounds. I lost forty pounds, down to a perfect size 3. The best news is, I've maintained this weight for over 25 years. The most important realization came to me. We all need to eat foods we love in order to be happy, avoid concurrent binges, and to keep weight off permanently. Of course, exercise and nutritional balance is important, but that is taught everywhere and is NOT what is making people overweight. They have to be aware of "feeling full" and how to estimate your intake visually and easily.

I live a typical stressful life, hectic schedules, minor traumas and all else families live with today. We also have lots of fun, including eating great food. I no longer abstain from the foods I love, nor do I ever feel I'm denying myself. I'm happy to say, I don't remember the last time I was tempted to binge or splurge. Why should I? I'm able to enjoy everything I want any time I want, and still maintain. My new method is totally different from any diet, or program you've seen or heard of before. Do It! or DIET® will teach you how it's done.

You don't need to be a rocket-scientist, or even good at math to easily learn how to do the same. We all know there are no magic answers to weight control, but my method will enable you to take charge of your weight sensibly, and permanently." Other Testimonials... >>